Saturday, June 30, 2012

How did I get the name Track The Time?

I was notoriously late for appointments and never seemed to mind until one day I took a class that changed my view about time.  I always thought I could get to an appointment on my time and if I was running behind it would be all right.  What I learned was that when you factor in a plan to enjoy your time to get to an appointment you set yourself up for a better day and a better life.

They say that Successful people become successful because of discipline.  Now I know I'm not perfect but I now Track the Time.  Since I was having problems with time I decided to use this as my username for twitter when I first began.  Little did I know that all these links would connect with my name and I would have to continue with this name.  So I am happily @trackthetime on twitter.

What have I been doing with my time?  Here is a bit of news...

I have self published a book called, "Remembering 9:11 in Bible Verses"

It's a book dedicated to those families and people directly affected by 9:11.  I have gone through the chapters of the Bible and taken the verses from those chapters that have 9:11.

My hope is that you find special meaning in these verses from the Bible.

If you'd like a copy you can order one for $14.99 and pay via Paypal.

10% of the proceeds will be going to foundations for  families that were directly involved with 9:11.

I also publish an Online Magazine called, "Heartbeat Connection Magazine"

This magazine is a lifestyle magazine all about the Art of Living with Heart.  In its pages you will find articles about artists, photographers, giveaways, social media, recipes, tech tips, Naples, travel, and heartfelt organizations.

Each month you can view it online or order a print copy to enjoy.

Four days a week, I am a RN and work from home Triaging Nurses in the Home Health Hospice Industry, speaking to families, Doctors, facilities, and Hospitals.  

And lastly, I have a passion for building websites and connecting people on Social Media so my husband and I have a website company called JENStar Media.  The JEN is the initials for all three of our kids:)  

It may sound kinda busy but each day flies by and I'm excited about all the different ways I get to spend my time.  

All the best,

Nicole Flothe @trackthetime


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