Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Twitter Tools I Find - Place to chat on a grid and search - Place to check out your past replies - Place to create coupons - Place to search for cool things - Place to track & shorten your urls - Backgrounds for your twitter site - Place to tweet later and send auto responds, also keyword search - Place that ranks your twitter site and you can also search the Elite area for popular people and popular places. - Place to track urls and they have great charts showing recent clickthrus - Place where you can search twitter for certain keywords that people are talking about and then follow them. - Place to share photos with other tweet people. - Rank info and stats - Saves a backup of all your posts and others info to help you track your information. I like it. Very easy to use. - Groups and discussions search tool. - They provide you with a search on keywords to find people of your interest. I searched for fruit and they found 15 other people talking about fruit that I might have an interest in.

I'll be updating this when I find more secrets!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been having fun today on just learned about a twitpic program to upload pictures and share them with the world. I will try and keep a log of the things I am learning so that I can reference back to them in the future. For now I have to go upload some more pictures...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Daily Show Radio Blog

I just learned how to make my very own BlogTalkRadio show. It was fun and looking forward to my next attempt tomorrow. I want to go through some more of the FAQ so that I can continue to discover.


So many Social Networks, so much fun...

I just got this new app to post where I've traveled in life. It's a fun tool and I am amazed at how many tools are out there free for us to use. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as my goal is to try something new on the net at least once a day. To all that are enjoying the internet that was made for people by people, let's have some more fun. I'll keep you posted on my next news tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Learning about Twitter has been a blast today.

I have so much to learn but spent some time getting familiar with each of the tabs and how it all works. I've followed many people and so many more to come. I have made some new contacts and it's such an easy way to see what others are thinking. A way into others lives is through intelligent words.

There are so many interesting websites, i.e. and the new blog a like is

I'll update things as my learning improves.

Check back for some updates soon.


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