Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just found @yahoo and @google on twitter and so looked into the @yahoo blog. I love the colors and the design. I also found and so have now created one to see how it works.

Hopefully I can figure out how to use the program today as I enjoy blogging and have to authenticate my website and complete the steps to verify my site. The MyBlogLog website is full of other bloggers that can view your blog and you view theirs. It has a great widget to load on your site and keep track of your contacts.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Review of Website Builder Tool

Recently my husband and I have been researching website building tools and found

They seem to have a great layout and so far I've created a few websites for some friends and family.

You can visit them at and

I really like the ease of the website builder and how simple it is to use. The other thing I like about the program is how professional the sites look once you create them.

I have been using my Apple computer to make iweb sites and you can view my friends at
I love the Apple computer, I find it so artistic. Anyway, I'll keep this article updated as I research my likes and dislikes of Xbuild and the most recent websites that I have created.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

TipJoy Review

I enjoyed today spending time with the family at the fair and now I'm learning again from those that share on Twitter. I received a DM from

@TwittAbundance Thanks for the follow trackthejuice. The Micro-Course on Micro-Giving is Here! :D ENJOY :D

It was a great download that shared some websites that help with twitter progress and they also introduced me to

TipJoy is similar to Paypal but the essence of sharing and caring is evident. If you like someone or some cause you can send any amount of money to them via their email or website. You can also send money directly to them on twitter. I like the many ideas that were offered in the free download. I joined and will be sending my first donation to charity:water as they are currently doing a fundraiser with tipjoy.

My daughter enjoy the fair and the little kid rides, she met a girl and they instantly grabbed hands. I think if you like something and know it will benefit others we need to be like children and grab each others hands and share the joy of life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Learned about Blog Catalog Today

As I was viewing my twitter account I came upon a new twit and it was from a mom. She shared her website and had some neat apps on her page. I clicked on blog Directory and was introduced to a whole new world. You can view Blog Directory // Blog Catalog at

I am very impressed with the simplicity of the site and how easily you can view other blogs. I will be spending sometime today taking the steps to learn the site and if I find some other tips or important information I will update as I go.

I also joined the Widgetbox program for the Women's Network of Bloggers. Each step takes me closer to learn from others and hopefully help educate those that don't know about these great services.

Time to go twitter some more so I can learn some more.

Happy Valentines to All.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twitter Coupons?
I found this article online while I was browsing and I think I will be looking more into the details. I hope to learn how to...

Create Twitter Coupons!
Enhance your social media marketing by offering discounted coupons to the Twitter-sphere!

DELL made $1M last year on Twitter

Enhance your marketing strategy on Twitter
by bringing added value to your followers

Offer exclusive deals on Twitter!

I'm currently creating a coupon for my dad's chocolate business.

I'll update later on the cool results.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine Giving

I love Valentines and so I was twittering away and found this cool blog website and they are doing a great program about clicking links for a good cause! I am excited to join them and so have posted a link to the website on my blog and hope to be able to meet the challenge for these 14 days of February and on. I am so in love with Twitter right now. It seems to be a quick an easy way for me to find supportive people and great ideas all over the internet at the click of a twitter. Anyway, Mommy Wizdom explains how to participate on her website and I highly recommended taking a look at the details. I wish everyone a lovely Valentines this month and a future that is bright!

Today is a New Day

Travelocity's Green Directory: Featuring Green Hotels so you can travel responsibly!

Just got affiliate information on Sales so thought I'd start posting the most current affiliate offers and keep them up to date. When new ones come in via email I'll update this post.

I've been enjoying Twitter and shared it with a few more people today. I think the concept is amazing for marketing and also learning about other fields of interest. I hope to be able to incorporate it in my everyday life to keep up with new friends and also learn about recent events.

I love Bloggin and learning about new things. Today is the day to start accomplishing things. I was talking with a friend Maloe and I said that we sometimes have to start at the ground again on things and plant new seeds to see us growing! Tomorrow is a new day. I was also listening to a motivational speaker Gino Nicoli and he said we need to be grateful for each day the ups and the downs and know that we have Tomorrow to celebrate these unique events in our lives. I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings.


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