Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Watching You

Just wanted to give an update today. Woke up from my pager this morning at 7:00am. Had to call a few people for work and then tried to go back to sleep but no go. Now we are getting ready to take Dad to Dr. Luke's office to get the tube hopefully out so that the bladder spasms will stop. We are praying for a successful trip.

The kids went to the scantuary with Grandma and I wanted to put a few pictures in this story.

We can't wait to hear how the Alaska Camping Trip went. Leave us a post!

Nicole & Family

Monday, May 26, 2008

Daily Info May 26, 2008

Today I created my first Blog to record events from the day. So far today we have been taking care of my Dad and ate breakfast. Lizzie and I woke up around 9:00 am and then helped Dad get out of bed and go for a short walk. The Physical Therapist came and did a few exercises with him. He is still having a few bladder spasms but much better than when he was at the hospital. He has just been tired and had sensitivity on his left leg and foot. Lizzie has been Little Nurse Lizzie and helped Grandma with getting Grandpa water and making sure he is doing OK.

We are now enjoying some quite time as Grandma and Grandpa went for a midday nap. It was a bit funny with both of them wearing their dark masks for sleep in the middle of the day. I know they can use some great sleep though and help each of them re-energize. Elizabeth has been enjoying some cartoons recently- Pokemon adventures. It has really got her attention. It's now commercial break and she is active into everything on the desk. I've said no several times and now she got the message:) She is now jumping on the bouncer and having fun saying Bouncy Bounce and Jumpy Jump. So cute:) Its amazing how much you truly have to keep your eye on her as she likes to get into different creams. I've had to clean her hands twice of cream.

I also went through all our Juice contacts and determined where each person lived and did some data analysis. I'll be contacting every person to do some more data analysis. That part should be fun:)

I want to create an autoresponder with some good content for weekly emails. I've been learning from my Marketing program that this is a great tool to build education and value in your business. So many things to learn so little time. I just watched a great Oprah program on Itunes that I downloaded about Business Success. I haven't watched the whole program but it was talking about when we work we should focus on our Strengths and make our balance more on our Strengths and delegate our weaknesses. Think about your stengths and list them out to help you focus on them and it will improve your days performance and enjoyment. Pretty cool stuff.

I'm really looking forward to our trip to Alaska this Thursday. Elizabeth and I will be flying together across the country. I'll be working on getting everything organized this week. Last night my mom and I stayed up until 1 am working on sorting Elizabeth's clothes and completed the task. She has now several pretty dresses and new things to wear. We also made a box of clothes for Madison her cousin. I think my next task is my clothes and then the garage cleaning.

Just had to put Lizzie in a time out for not listening. 2 minutes and then we will talk about better listening. Back and forth I go to put her back in her time out spot. I wonder how many times parents spend going back and forth. She is now saying I'm Sorry Mom. How do you keep her in time out when she is so sweet. Only 1 more minute to go. She is now out and we had our talk and hug.

I'll update sometime later if we have some other news but this is all for now.
Happiness Always,
Nicole & Lizzie


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