Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sandman Melting this Holiday by the Ocean

I packed and packed the sand for one hour and then took my picture of my first melting Sandman.  It was fun in the sun.  I started with building the bottom base and then the second level of sand.  The third level was the hardest as the sand began to dry and started to crack.  What a fun challenge it was, no snow in Florida but at least lots of Holiday Cheer.

Xmas Blockbuster Game created online for Free

Enjoy the fun game my husband created online.  Cool site and fun game:)

Monday, December 21, 2009

So close to Christmas, and my shoppings not done.

I'm almost done with my shopping but it still feels like I have a few loose ends. I've completed shopping for the kids but have to get a few odds and ends for them. My parents and in-laws are complete and relatives but friends this year haven't really gotten any gifts yet. I'm not sure if its the economy and my money seems tighter with our budget or if I've just been caught being less task oriented. I know I've been able to complete several tasks as I just went on Sheikra at Busch Gardens with my son for the first time. I always said no as I was to scared but I braved the ride, here is a series of pictures...

So I have a few days to still finish my gifts for the season.  Gifts never end but Christmas only happens once a year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How I Searched Google and Twitter To Play The Piano Online

*Please allow time for video to load and Enjoy:)

I created a video using on my computer to share how easy and fast you can find a cool piano to play online with your family or just practice for yourself.  I really enjoy piano music but only have the toy pianos at present.  I would love someday to have a room with a beautiful piano that could play music with the touch of a button and also learn and create some songs.  I only know music by hearing it but I'm sure with practice I can make some creative tunes.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Ways To Take Stunning Portraits - My Own Experience

10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits

I was reading 31 Days to Build a Better Blog and I really enjoyed the link they provided to the 10 Ways to Take Stunning Photos. So I decided to take pictures of own in these 10 ways and have fun with it. Here are the pictures below...

1.  I Altered My Prospective

By taking pictures at different angles I was able to capture more of a unique picture than just the normal stand up and say cheese picture.  My dog was a good sport and I enjoyed learning the process.

I got up close to take the picture.

2.  I Played with Eye Contact
A. Looking Off Camera - The snowman is looking off camera and it gives the subject more of a mystery or the illusion that there is some deep thoughts going on.

B.  Looking Within The Frame - So much fun can happen in a photo and this captured a story within the frame.

3.  I Broke The Rules of Composition
The Rule of Thirds is one that can be effective to break – placing your subject either dead centre can sometimes create a powerful image – or even creative placement with your subject right on the edge of a shot can sometimes create interesting images.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great Technology Tablet Coming

I found this article on Twitter and wanted to post it on my blog as this technology would be something I would love to own. Thanks to Sports Illustrated Readies Digital Version for Tablets (video) #AdAge

Can't wait for the Tablet's to come out.  If they are truly this amazing I'm sure I will have to buy one.  You can view the full article I read at
Technology is amazing and great gadgets are coming:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twenty Four Days Till Christmas Day Advent Calendar

Last night we pulled out all our Christmas boxes and decorations and I found our Advent calendar.  We had bought it from Starbucks last year and ate a special candy a day and then flipped the box over to have a Christmas scene completed by the 24th of December.

I found a picture of it online at laurabloom and it's the same one.   So now that it's not filled with candy I decided last night to write 24 things that we can do and each day we'll pull one out and complete the task.  Here is the list if you'd like to be creative too.

December 1st - Go play HORSE basketball with the family.
December  2nd - Take a nice bubble bath.
December  3rd - Have Hot Chocolate as a family.
December 4th - Give a gift to your favorite charity, get your goodwill bags ready to drop off.
December 5th - Hold your loved ones hand or parents hand for 60 whole seconds:)
December 6th - Make a dessert and give the first piece to the youngest of your family.
December 7th - Play Cho Cho Train with kids.
December 8th - Build something fun with playdoo, blocks, or sand, or snow(based on where you live)
December 9th - Wear some funny hats and clothes and take funny pictures.
December 10th - Eat a favorite candy of your choice.
December 11th - Have a nice Hot Shower.
December 12th - Have a race with toy cars on a tabletop.  The winner gets to chose whats for dinner.
December 13th - Make an ornament for the tree.
December 14th - Give a hug to each person in your family.
December 15th - Cut out stockings and draw presents inside and color them.
December 16th - Create 1 Christmas card for a special person.  Holiday card ideas at Martha Stewart.
December 17th - Get some pots and pans and play a song
December 18th - Play Jingle Bells song and sing along, go here for lyrics:)
December 19th - Have your favorite ice cream sundae
December 20th - Go for a bike ride or a walk.
December 21st - Shake a snowglobe and watch the snowfall.
December 22nd - Make a train set and watch a train video

December 23rd - Sing The Twelve Days of Christmas, you can click this link to get the lyrics.

December 24th - Open one gift per family member to celebrate Christmas Eve.

December 25th - Merry Christmas

Hope you enjoy each day, we just Horsed around the house and will go outside soon and play Horse Basketball.

Happy Holidays,


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