Monday, December 6, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sports and Kids Schedules

Sometimes I feel like I am the taxi driver extraordinaire. The kids go to school in the morning and then the youngest goes to preschool in the afternoon and then they come home. So I shuttle them back and forth from school three times a day for 5 days out of the week. To add on top of that some type of sport to round out their life is important to us but finding the time and cutting costs to fit our budget are two areas I always seem to be working on. I found a website that compares prices on sports items call 

My sons have a friend that plays baseball and so I went to the website to do a few comparisons.  They had the Easton Baseball bat , the Tee Ball Bat , youth catchers gear , and some Nike baseball cleats.  I like the site Become because it gave a listing of different websites on the internet that had the best prices.  I could see someday when the time comes and my boys say, "I want to play baseball!" that I use this site to get the things on our list. 

My daughter will be starting Ballet tomorrow and since we just moved I have been looking for her ballet bag.  I haven't found it yet so I might just be using to do a search for some new ballet clothes. 

Kids, sports, and schedules will continue to be a part of our lives, so I will choose to enjoy it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lulu published my A to Z on Alligator Alley Ebook

I love They have a great program for Ebooks and it's free to upload and share with the world. I've completed my first A to Z book that I hope you enjoy. You can preview it above.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tweetology Review

Today I created an account on tweetology and it was a simple application and fun to use.  I have a few sites I like to keep up with and this allowed me to make a widget that posts updates of the latest live tweets.  So far I have added these different sites and you can view the application towards the bottom of the blog.

Will see how it works for the live feed aspect but for now I'm impressed with the ease of the service.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Activity on Blog

Due you ever get bogged down?  I'm getting more organized to be able to update my blogs on a weekly basis but sometimes it can be tough.  I see I haven't updated since June 4th on this blog and I've been active on my Social Media sites like twitter and facebook.  But bloggin has been slower.  I just found out you can connect your blog with your facebook fan page and your latest blogs will post on facebook.  The nice thing about this is that if you start with the Blog then you don't have to update facebook that often.  I also learned that the fan page can be connected to twitter so this takes three steps of Social media management to happen in one area.  What a way to simplify connecting and making it easier to share important information to others about what I'm doing and perhaps what is going on in the industry.  I love Social Media and I hope to help others with the Quick and Easy solution for their companies.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Google Feedburner Review and Setup

So Feedburner moved to Google and I had previously learned about the features but had never actually applied the subscribe to any of my websites.  I like it because it gives you the ability to have others get emails directly with your information from your blog and it has a super easy interface with blogspot.  Anything that makes it easy is for me.  Google has accomplished the epitome of simplicity.  My first thought if I don't know the answer I go to Google.  The key word "Google it!" has become common in my house and I'm sure across the world.

If you want to know the simple steps I took to add the subscribe to my blog than follow the list below...

1.  Go to
2.  Log in with your google account.
3.  Once logged in type your blog url into the burner and click next.
4.  Choose the correct feed source and click next.
5.  Either accept the name it supplies on this next screen or change your name for your feed.
6.  Than Congrats your Feedburner feed is now live.
7.  Move on to step 2 and check out the details about the feed, at this point I just hit next again.
8.  Lastly the feed is ready to be integrated and you can copy the html code to past onto your site.
9.  I like to publish a chicklet to display on my blogs.

I hope this has been helpful and it will eventually help me in the future if I ever forget how I created the Feedburner:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

SwagBucks Review

So I just was on Facebook and my friend had a link saying she just earned swagbucks.  I was curious and thought I'd give it a try.  I would like to earn the free Amazon gift card.  I joined and was awarded 30 swagbucks right away.  Then on the front page of the site they had the Ipad drawing and you could get 1 entry for 30 swagbucks.  So since we have just bought the ipad and the whole family loves it I thought I'd enter for the chance to have one for the kids.  My friend also has a blog and does a lot of fun research on coupons and savings.  I currently am learning how to use swagbucks but she says so far she has earned several coupons at Amazon and other free cool things. 

In any case having fun surfing the internet, I might as well  earn a few swagbucks while doing it.  If you want to check it out you can visit my friends site or you can click here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

TweetChat Twitter and Seminar Tips

I'm enjoying a Barefoot Executive seminar online and one of the big tips was when doing a seminar online set up a hashtag on like the one she used during her seminar was #online2010

- Schedule your seminar for the time that is good for you.

- Surround yourself with Rock Stars to motivate you and encourage you to complete your tasks.

- Don't chase every guru, tool, technique, pick one system to follow and complete.  This will get you progress.  Follow one course until successful.  FOCUS,  Figure out Your WHY!

- Build your niche and list and then create product that serves the person enjoying your seminar.

- How to choose the person you want to learn from - Resonation, Strategically choose your mentor, Study core strategies that provide you a plan.  Pull it together.  Plan, Path, Purpose, and Process
Review Dorothy on The Wizard of Oz as an example.

"You will never find time for anything.
If you want time you must make it."

- Charles Buxton

"The bad news is time flies.
The good news is you're the pilot."

- Michael Altshuler

Dream Bigger than a paycheck this will make you motivated to achieve.
Set a Goal.
Study a Pro.
Surround yourself with a winning team.  
Enjoy what your doing and create the niche that will get you going.
Play to Win.

You can watch The Barefoot Executive on youtube if you'd like to see some of her videos.

Quit thinking what do I want to be when I grow up, think about who you want to be when you grow up.
Like Zig Ziglar...
"Building a better you is the first step to building a better America."
Zig Ziglar 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Changing Blog Backgrounds

I love changing my Blog backgrounds and Designing Banners.  So I took some time tonight and tried out Free Blog Backgrounds from  I picked my Design as I love Sunflowers and this one reminded me of a nice day in the springtime that is soon to come.  I then created my header using their easy instructions and on my mac added the name of my blog.  Then I uploaded the header onto the blog.  Very simple and easy to edit. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whrrl story of Facebook and Twitter Today

Powered by Whrrl

Found @whrrl online and its a cool story website 
that you can connect with people and tell your story. 
I created my first story above. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daily Routines Of Interesting People

Women in Business Article on Daily Routines

I have always been interested in how successful people layout their daily routines. I found this article on line at and you can click on the link above to view. I imagine that most interesting people don't sit in front of the couch watching show after show. I would think they would be engrossed in their passion whatever it might be, art, music, acting, leadership, photography, internet/social media marketing. The list goes on. A great book could be titled, "The Daily Routines of Influential People". Perhaps someday I'll interview 10 extraordinary people and layout their routine for others to review. For now I'll just have to think about what my perfect Routine would be and work towards that.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time Management and Business Success

I just recently left a post on Poshmama's social networking site about Time management.  I'm reading a good book called The Carrot Principle by Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton that talks about Leadership and ways to Accelerate productivity. So far I thinking time management is a process, starting out with setting goals and then moving on to the farming process as per my review of the book. I have struggles with my own time management and always look for tips so I would love to hear how your review goes. The biggest tip I can give is to plan your day the night before with the biggest tasks first and then the smaller tasks towards the end of the list. Seems to help me get things accomplished. All the best on your article.  Article


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