Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sports and Kids Schedules

Sometimes I feel like I am the taxi driver extraordinaire. The kids go to school in the morning and then the youngest goes to preschool in the afternoon and then they come home. So I shuttle them back and forth from school three times a day for 5 days out of the week. To add on top of that some type of sport to round out their life is important to us but finding the time and cutting costs to fit our budget are two areas I always seem to be working on. I found a website that compares prices on sports items call 

My sons have a friend that plays baseball and so I went to the website to do a few comparisons.  They had the Easton Baseball bat , the Tee Ball Bat , youth catchers gear , and some Nike baseball cleats.  I like the site Become because it gave a listing of different websites on the internet that had the best prices.  I could see someday when the time comes and my boys say, "I want to play baseball!" that I use this site to get the things on our list. 

My daughter will be starting Ballet tomorrow and since we just moved I have been looking for her ballet bag.  I haven't found it yet so I might just be using to do a search for some new ballet clothes. 

Kids, sports, and schedules will continue to be a part of our lives, so I will choose to enjoy it!

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