Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sandman Melting this Holiday by the Ocean

I packed and packed the sand for one hour and then took my picture of my first melting Sandman.  It was fun in the sun.  I started with building the bottom base and then the second level of sand.  The third level was the hardest as the sand began to dry and started to crack.  What a fun challenge it was, no snow in Florida but at least lots of Holiday Cheer.

Xmas Blockbuster Game created online for Free

Enjoy the fun game my husband created online.  Cool site and fun game:)

Monday, December 21, 2009

So close to Christmas, and my shoppings not done.

I'm almost done with my shopping but it still feels like I have a few loose ends. I've completed shopping for the kids but have to get a few odds and ends for them. My parents and in-laws are complete and relatives but friends this year haven't really gotten any gifts yet. I'm not sure if its the economy and my money seems tighter with our budget or if I've just been caught being less task oriented. I know I've been able to complete several tasks as I just went on Sheikra at Busch Gardens with my son for the first time. I always said no as I was to scared but I braved the ride, here is a series of pictures...

So I have a few days to still finish my gifts for the season.  Gifts never end but Christmas only happens once a year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How I Searched Google and Twitter To Play The Piano Online

*Please allow time for video to load and Enjoy:)

I created a video using on my computer to share how easy and fast you can find a cool piano to play online with your family or just practice for yourself.  I really enjoy piano music but only have the toy pianos at present.  I would love someday to have a room with a beautiful piano that could play music with the touch of a button and also learn and create some songs.  I only know music by hearing it but I'm sure with practice I can make some creative tunes.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Ways To Take Stunning Portraits - My Own Experience

10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits

I was reading 31 Days to Build a Better Blog and I really enjoyed the link they provided to the 10 Ways to Take Stunning Photos. So I decided to take pictures of own in these 10 ways and have fun with it. Here are the pictures below...

1.  I Altered My Prospective

By taking pictures at different angles I was able to capture more of a unique picture than just the normal stand up and say cheese picture.  My dog was a good sport and I enjoyed learning the process.

I got up close to take the picture.

2.  I Played with Eye Contact
A. Looking Off Camera - The snowman is looking off camera and it gives the subject more of a mystery or the illusion that there is some deep thoughts going on.

B.  Looking Within The Frame - So much fun can happen in a photo and this captured a story within the frame.

3.  I Broke The Rules of Composition
The Rule of Thirds is one that can be effective to break – placing your subject either dead centre can sometimes create a powerful image – or even creative placement with your subject right on the edge of a shot can sometimes create interesting images.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great Technology Tablet Coming

I found this article on Twitter and wanted to post it on my blog as this technology would be something I would love to own. Thanks to Sports Illustrated Readies Digital Version for Tablets (video) #AdAge

Can't wait for the Tablet's to come out.  If they are truly this amazing I'm sure I will have to buy one.  You can view the full article I read at
Technology is amazing and great gadgets are coming:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twenty Four Days Till Christmas Day Advent Calendar

Last night we pulled out all our Christmas boxes and decorations and I found our Advent calendar.  We had bought it from Starbucks last year and ate a special candy a day and then flipped the box over to have a Christmas scene completed by the 24th of December.

I found a picture of it online at laurabloom and it's the same one.   So now that it's not filled with candy I decided last night to write 24 things that we can do and each day we'll pull one out and complete the task.  Here is the list if you'd like to be creative too.

December 1st - Go play HORSE basketball with the family.
December  2nd - Take a nice bubble bath.
December  3rd - Have Hot Chocolate as a family.
December 4th - Give a gift to your favorite charity, get your goodwill bags ready to drop off.
December 5th - Hold your loved ones hand or parents hand for 60 whole seconds:)
December 6th - Make a dessert and give the first piece to the youngest of your family.
December 7th - Play Cho Cho Train with kids.
December 8th - Build something fun with playdoo, blocks, or sand, or snow(based on where you live)
December 9th - Wear some funny hats and clothes and take funny pictures.
December 10th - Eat a favorite candy of your choice.
December 11th - Have a nice Hot Shower.
December 12th - Have a race with toy cars on a tabletop.  The winner gets to chose whats for dinner.
December 13th - Make an ornament for the tree.
December 14th - Give a hug to each person in your family.
December 15th - Cut out stockings and draw presents inside and color them.
December 16th - Create 1 Christmas card for a special person.  Holiday card ideas at Martha Stewart.
December 17th - Get some pots and pans and play a song
December 18th - Play Jingle Bells song and sing along, go here for lyrics:)
December 19th - Have your favorite ice cream sundae
December 20th - Go for a bike ride or a walk.
December 21st - Shake a snowglobe and watch the snowfall.
December 22nd - Make a train set and watch a train video

December 23rd - Sing The Twelve Days of Christmas, you can click this link to get the lyrics.

December 24th - Open one gift per family member to celebrate Christmas Eve.

December 25th - Merry Christmas

Hope you enjoy each day, we just Horsed around the house and will go outside soon and play Horse Basketball.

Happy Holidays,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Ecards and Plans for Making Cards

I just sent out my Ecards to my friends and family.  I was able to find a site that I could personalize an Ecard with my daughter's face and send out Thanksgiving Wishes.  The site was and so I twittered about it - Happy Thanksgiving! Check out this eCard I personalized: Pumpkin:

I also love the personal touch so I'll have to create a few cards from my scrapbook supplies but for now at least I can check off the list that I was able to send some warm wishes.

I found a neat blog at that shares about that personal touch on cards so I thought I'd add it to this post.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Problogger Tips on Creating Great Blog in 30 days

I just found a great article about how to create a more interesting Blog. The book helps to provide tips and techniques that will increase your abilities. I'm looking forward to reading it and perhaps I'll blog about what I do each day as I start my journey. If you'd like to check out the book here is the link below...

Click here to view more details

Bookmark and Share

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tip on Being Different in the Market Place

I just finished watching a great video and thought I'd post it for today's tip on marketing.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW to uniquely separate YOU from the competition…both within your own opportunity and with those you compete with in other network marketing companies?

Whether you are in traditional business, multi-level marketing, online marketing, information marketing…or anything else for that matter, it is of UTMOST importance that you NOT BLEND IN!

Watch this little lesson from network marketing expert and entrepreneur Todd Falcone as he teaches the importance of STANDING OUT from the crowd.

Another video I liked from him was the one where he talked about Acting like your successful.  You can view it at this link...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Using Picasa On Mac

Just downloaded Picasa for my Mac and checking out the features. I like the collage setting. I'm helping my dad create a book on the internet and here is a compliation of all the photos. It was simple and fun to use. I still want to figure out how I can merge two images together as I was googling a program that could do this and someone on yahoo said that this program can do this feature. I'll let you know when I get to that section and post the picture. For now I'm having fun!
Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy & Fun with the Kids...

So we completed the weekend festivities and the time change has been nice as the kids are tucked in bed at an earlier time than usual:) Lots of candy for months to come, I wonder how long does candy last?  I just googled it and found that everything should have an expiration date, after a year it's not a good idea to keep it.  I guess I'll keep it around for a little while so the kids can get there fill and then slowly filter it out.  At least I gave them their MonaVie juice so I know they've had something good today.  My husband made a delicious steak dinner tonight with corn on the cob.  Good way to end the evening and we watched Ice Age the latest one, just as good as when we saw it at the theaters.  So I tucked my boys into bed and the eldest was having fun playing with his exotic car in bed.  So fun to see him having fun.  

Tonight  I've been doing some research on car websites as my sons number one area of interest is the exotic cars.  I just checked out a cool website called in Orlando.  We hopefully will take the journey and get them to see all the cool cars this month. 

News from Gary Vaynerchuk - Book Tour

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Ebook on Twitter

As I avidly search the twitter comments I found a new friend that I choose to follow @DaryleDickens .

I went to his website and found a cool guide for #art #artists on Twitter: [PDF] Free e book download. 

Enjoyable Read:)

Wix Free Website Program

I was on twitter today and read a cool tweet so I"ll RT @gaksdesigns 20 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Web Design During my review of their site I checked out wix free website program and created an online business card. Here is my creation for now. It seems like a fun system and they have other tools I could use to market online and with others. For now I will keep investigation:)

Free website -

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keep Holding On Video

Fitness from The Maximized Living Bible

I have been reading through the bible that I found online at
Daily Devotions

The Bible has articles that are added for review from Dr Greg Loman and other Doctors. I just read one that I wanted to share its called When Your Way isn't God's Way. Your Estimated transit time Leviticus 3:17

Excessive obesity and the extremely high rates of malnutrition and disease among Americans are related less to "how much" food we eat than to "how processed" those foods are. It is the highly processed fast foods, prepared with an abundance of chemicals, additives, and preservatives not even allowed in other parts of the world -- things that make up such high percentage of the calories consumed by Americans -- that cause us such problems.

Outside of America, meals are more often prepared fresh, from scratch, and with natural food, instead of convenience foods out of a box. Convenient, processed foods contain sugar-based and other types of additives that make food impossible to break down adequately. These foods, which aren't really food at all, stay in your system. The longer anything stays in your system, the more problems it will cause.

There is a digestive trait known as the ETT, which stands for the Estimated Transit Time. The longer it takes for food to get in and out of the system, the less healthy the diet is. Food should be eaten, broken down into its basic nutrients, utilized by the body and quickly eliminated. The edible products created by God are high in fiber and water, the two elements necessary for a speedy and successful ETT. Processed, high fat foods, that contain additives make for slow ETT.

reflect: Consider changing your diet to include more foods high in fiber and water.

Twitter Friends found Crush It Book

Tonight I was putting in my 5 tweets out and browsed a few tweets and found a great book I'd like to get sometime called Crush It. The website offers a review of Chapter 7 and I was able to enjoy the 10 pages and wanted to read more. I'll be heading to Barnes N Noble tomorrow to see if I can find the book. Again I am amazed at how quick my new found person I've meet I want to learn from. I didn't know Gary Vaynerchuk a few seconds ago but the marketing and knowledge he shared provided me with that trust and interest to begin my learning from him and his book. I love how simple life can truly be if we make it simple!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finding Websites

So today I learned about several new websites that I thought I would add to my resources to use sometime in the future. I learned about the sites from a free email I received from Ryan Lee. I find it truly amazing how you might not know someone one second and then you get an email from another person introducing you to them and all of sudden you want to learn and enjoy what this new person has to offer.

I've spent a few hours learning how each site works and so I'll add a review of what I find cool.

I just visited my primary companies new website and they have some awesome information and learning tools for distributor support. If you have an interest in amazing Health and wellness send me an email or go directly to and enroll using my ID #77721

A website called is a great website that can be used to outsource creation of free reports booklet and create an interview disk that you can drop ship to your customer. All you have to do is send them a pdf file of your word document and then they fancy it up and upload to them your data you want on the disk and they will create it. Seems like a pretty cool tool.

The next website I learned about but haven't put much evaluation into is this website can offer the ability to have a subscription based program that you can charge customers a monthly subscription and they handle all the back office work. That would be nice perhaps sometime in the future.

The last website I have truly enjoyed is which is much better than in my opinion for now. It was so easy to use to video my screen on my computer, I could save my file to my computer or quickly upload it to youtube. They allowed you to add things to the screencast of your computer and I will be using this tool fairly shortly and post my video sometime this next week. As I was checking out screentoaster on twitter I found they have a sister company called and this is a place you can create a quick video and post it quickly on social media or email it to a friend. I like this as you can watch most recent videos that people have made and I found some really great ones. In fact currently I've been learning from this girl named Karen and she made a short video on something called a Voki. Go there and watch it as I want to make one sometime and post it on the blog. Voki Video

So all in all tonight has been an eventful night with much to do for the future and I'm glad I've spent this time blogging about this so I don't forget these cool sites.
Hope you enjoy them too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter tool I found yesterday...

I found a cool Twitter "Follow" Badge that I just put on my blog. You can get your own by going to

I really like it because it offers an easy way that others can just click on the link and join you on twitter.
It was very easy to set up too which I think is very important. I just went to settings and then add gadget then choose HTML code. I added it to the top left of my gadgets and pasted the code, saved the blog and presto it was done.

I also have been researching a few webinars online
The one's I'm looking into are the following... has pay plans and one plan is FREE

Adobe offers - adobe acrobat connect pro cool features for conference calls and webinars.

My other area of interest is finding a good conference call program.
I found a few...

So I'll be spending sometime seeing which one works the best for me and if you have any suggestions feel free to add a comment. When I have some other sites I find I'll make a post of my latest results.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Minute of Thought is Worth More than an Hour of Talk.

I have been reading a great Women's Devotional Book and just recently came across this story so I thought I'd share it on my blog.

A heart doctor was amazed at the great improvement that one of his patients had made. When he had seen the woman a few months earlier, she was seriously ill in the hospital, needing an oxygen mask. He asked the woman what had happened.

The woman said, "I was sure the end was near and that you and your staff had given up hope. However, Thursday morning when you entered with your troops, something happened that changed everything. You listened to my heart; you seemed pleased by the findings, and you announced to all those standing about my bed that I had a "wholesome gallop." I knew that the doctors, in talking with me, might try to soften things. But I knew they wouldn't kid each other. So when I overheard you tell your colleagues I had a wholesome gallop, I figured I still had a lot of kick to my heart and could not be dying. My spirits for the first time were lifted, and I knew I would live and recover."

The heart doctor never told the woman that a third-second gallop is a poor sign that denotes the heart muscle is straining and usually failing!

Just a few words can be enough to make a difference in a person's life. How important is it to choose our words wisely!

I really enjoyed this message and I hope you do too.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Marketing Tools Shared Easily with Others

I found this program online called and they allow you to create screenshots from your computer and talk to educate others on what your are trying to teach them for free. I thought it was cool so I am giving the program a try. So far I've created a tutorial about Marketing Tools and uploaded it to their website. I still have some technical areas that could use some help but for now it is a step in the right direction. I have attached the link so that my video can be viewed for others to enjoy my testing...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time Zone Challenge

I have been trying to find a great app for checking the time quickly in the different time zones. Currently I haven't found the perfect fit to what I'd like to use.

I want something that all you have to do is put in your local time and then ask for the specific time zone your looking for and it will let you know.

The best one I can find for now is

Time zones based on 12:00 pm Eastern Time:

PT time - 3 hours behind 09:00 am
Mountain time- 2 hours behind 10:00 am
Central time- 1 hour behind 11:00 am
Eastern time- n/a 12:00 pm
Atlantic time- 1 hour ahead 1:00 pm
Alaska time- 4 hours behind 08:00 am
Hawaii time- 7 hours behind 05:00 am

Friday, September 4, 2009

Emv MonaVie Youtube challenge

I just created a few Emv Youtube videos to join in the challenge for the Smart Car and free Emv drink. I hope you enjoy the latest video:)

You can check out my youtube account by going to


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

MonaVie Emv Photos in Alaska

Friday, August 7, 2009

News Update for My Health Drink

I have been enjoying MonaVie™ for the last 3 1/2 years and in the last six months they have enhanced so many things. I just love the new

The two most exciting updates are the new MonaVie™ Pulse and the new MonaVie™ Emv. You can view more product knowledge by visiting and

MonaVie™ Emv - features a proprietary blend of antioxidant rich fruits, including the superfruit a├žai, and natural sources of energy. Formulated for everyday energy needs, this healthy drink increases performance and concentration by kicking up your energy level and keeping it there-without a subsequent crash.

MonaVie™ Juice- features a proprietary healthy blend of 19 fruits specifically chosen, including Original, Active with Glucosamine and Pulse with Resveratrol (2 ounces of juice twice a day of MonaVie Pulse contain 0.8 grams of plant sterols. This is the recommended amount by the FDA to promote healthy cholesterol in our bodies. )

I also love the passion for helping children and families in Brazil

Making a Difference One Step at A Time.

Nicole Flothe RN
MonaVie Independent Distributor ID#77721

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mister Linky Test

Just found Mister Linky from it seems to be a neat tool that you can use to have people register for an event and then also offer those people the ability to get promotion from adding their link to your website once they register. I'm going to try and see how it works and will post my results.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Posting Typing Thinking Doing

On a Daily basis my mind must think of a blog full of things to post, type, or do but generally I don't get to putting them on my post.  I should get a mentor that can give me some tips on how they plan their day.  I start out waking up when I want to and then reading my bible and then other inspirational stories for a bit.  I then shoot off some emails and check out twitter.  Make a few RTs and comments and then work on my MonaVie research and development to share the juice.  After that its time to make meals for the kids and myself and entertain them with a few games.  Type some more on the computer and do some more surfing the internet.  Then I have a JOB that I educate people about Healthcare services for Home Health and I get to use my RN title. Nighttime comes and I watch some prerecorded TIVO shows about Cake decorating or family shows.  Finally off to bed.  Jim Rohn says - Plan your day as if it is finalized before your day begins.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Upline Steve Merritt Shares the Plan

I just found this great video about why my Upline Steve Merritt loves sharing the MonaVie Juice.

Visit the corporate website at ID#77721

Having Fun On WWW

I have been having fun on the world wide web for the last month and haven't updated my blog for a while. I went to the library the other day and ended up finding 10 books that I had to check out and try and read:) I love great inspirational books and different life stories. I read Matt Hoover's Guide to Life & Weight Loss and some Organization books, along with One Minute Entrepreneur. I've enjoyed all of them but I currently have about 5 books left that I haven't been able to finish to the end. I love the library but I don't get to keep them and so I feel bad that I can't end the story. I guess its a learning curve for me as I need to check out only three books at a time to really be able to finish them and enjoy them. I read twitter daily and love the different subjects from so many different people. Somedays I read about Africa, some days I read about Health and mostly I pick up on inspirational quotes and RT them. I just found a photo canvas company that I'd like to learn more about. Photography is a hobby of mine along with scrapbooking but I have to be able to finish some things so they don't get as much time as I'd like. My husband just brought me a rose cupcake to eat. I love him and thank him. I will enjoy every bit and then do some WII Yoga before bed tonight. I'll be back but for now I hope that my weekend & those other Mother's out there have a Wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Favorite Tools on Twitter

Here is a list of the most recent tools I have been using... - Place to check out your past replies - Place to create coupons - Place to search for cool things - Backgrounds for your twitter site - Place to track urls and they have great charts showing recent clickthrus - Place where you can search twitter for certain keywords that people are talking about and then follow them. - Place to share photos with other tweet people. - Rank info and stats - Saves a backup of all your posts and others info to help you track your information. I like it. Very easy to use. - Groups and discussions search tool. - They provide you with a search on keywords to find people of your interest. I searched for fruit and they found 15 other people talking about fruit that I might have an interest in. Cool Backgrounds

I'll be updating this when I find more secrets I'll let you know.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just found @yahoo and @google on twitter and so looked into the @yahoo blog. I love the colors and the design. I also found and so have now created one to see how it works.

Hopefully I can figure out how to use the program today as I enjoy blogging and have to authenticate my website and complete the steps to verify my site. The MyBlogLog website is full of other bloggers that can view your blog and you view theirs. It has a great widget to load on your site and keep track of your contacts.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Review of Website Builder Tool

Recently my husband and I have been researching website building tools and found

They seem to have a great layout and so far I've created a few websites for some friends and family.

You can visit them at and

I really like the ease of the website builder and how simple it is to use. The other thing I like about the program is how professional the sites look once you create them.

I have been using my Apple computer to make iweb sites and you can view my friends at
I love the Apple computer, I find it so artistic. Anyway, I'll keep this article updated as I research my likes and dislikes of Xbuild and the most recent websites that I have created.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

TipJoy Review

I enjoyed today spending time with the family at the fair and now I'm learning again from those that share on Twitter. I received a DM from

@TwittAbundance Thanks for the follow trackthejuice. The Micro-Course on Micro-Giving is Here! :D ENJOY :D

It was a great download that shared some websites that help with twitter progress and they also introduced me to

TipJoy is similar to Paypal but the essence of sharing and caring is evident. If you like someone or some cause you can send any amount of money to them via their email or website. You can also send money directly to them on twitter. I like the many ideas that were offered in the free download. I joined and will be sending my first donation to charity:water as they are currently doing a fundraiser with tipjoy.

My daughter enjoy the fair and the little kid rides, she met a girl and they instantly grabbed hands. I think if you like something and know it will benefit others we need to be like children and grab each others hands and share the joy of life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Learned about Blog Catalog Today

As I was viewing my twitter account I came upon a new twit and it was from a mom. She shared her website and had some neat apps on her page. I clicked on blog Directory and was introduced to a whole new world. You can view Blog Directory // Blog Catalog at

I am very impressed with the simplicity of the site and how easily you can view other blogs. I will be spending sometime today taking the steps to learn the site and if I find some other tips or important information I will update as I go.

I also joined the Widgetbox program for the Women's Network of Bloggers. Each step takes me closer to learn from others and hopefully help educate those that don't know about these great services.

Time to go twitter some more so I can learn some more.

Happy Valentines to All.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twitter Coupons?
I found this article online while I was browsing and I think I will be looking more into the details. I hope to learn how to...

Create Twitter Coupons!
Enhance your social media marketing by offering discounted coupons to the Twitter-sphere!

DELL made $1M last year on Twitter

Enhance your marketing strategy on Twitter
by bringing added value to your followers

Offer exclusive deals on Twitter!

I'm currently creating a coupon for my dad's chocolate business.

I'll update later on the cool results.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine Giving

I love Valentines and so I was twittering away and found this cool blog website and they are doing a great program about clicking links for a good cause! I am excited to join them and so have posted a link to the website on my blog and hope to be able to meet the challenge for these 14 days of February and on. I am so in love with Twitter right now. It seems to be a quick an easy way for me to find supportive people and great ideas all over the internet at the click of a twitter. Anyway, Mommy Wizdom explains how to participate on her website and I highly recommended taking a look at the details. I wish everyone a lovely Valentines this month and a future that is bright!

Today is a New Day

Travelocity's Green Directory: Featuring Green Hotels so you can travel responsibly!

Just got affiliate information on Sales so thought I'd start posting the most current affiliate offers and keep them up to date. When new ones come in via email I'll update this post.

I've been enjoying Twitter and shared it with a few more people today. I think the concept is amazing for marketing and also learning about other fields of interest. I hope to be able to incorporate it in my everyday life to keep up with new friends and also learn about recent events.

I love Bloggin and learning about new things. Today is the day to start accomplishing things. I was talking with a friend Maloe and I said that we sometimes have to start at the ground again on things and plant new seeds to see us growing! Tomorrow is a new day. I was also listening to a motivational speaker Gino Nicoli and he said we need to be grateful for each day the ups and the downs and know that we have Tomorrow to celebrate these unique events in our lives. I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Twitter Tools I Find - Place to chat on a grid and search - Place to check out your past replies - Place to create coupons - Place to search for cool things - Place to track & shorten your urls - Backgrounds for your twitter site - Place to tweet later and send auto responds, also keyword search - Place that ranks your twitter site and you can also search the Elite area for popular people and popular places. - Place to track urls and they have great charts showing recent clickthrus - Place where you can search twitter for certain keywords that people are talking about and then follow them. - Place to share photos with other tweet people. - Rank info and stats - Saves a backup of all your posts and others info to help you track your information. I like it. Very easy to use. - Groups and discussions search tool. - They provide you with a search on keywords to find people of your interest. I searched for fruit and they found 15 other people talking about fruit that I might have an interest in.

I'll be updating this when I find more secrets!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been having fun today on just learned about a twitpic program to upload pictures and share them with the world. I will try and keep a log of the things I am learning so that I can reference back to them in the future. For now I have to go upload some more pictures...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Daily Show Radio Blog

I just learned how to make my very own BlogTalkRadio show. It was fun and looking forward to my next attempt tomorrow. I want to go through some more of the FAQ so that I can continue to discover.


So many Social Networks, so much fun...

I just got this new app to post where I've traveled in life. It's a fun tool and I am amazed at how many tools are out there free for us to use. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as my goal is to try something new on the net at least once a day. To all that are enjoying the internet that was made for people by people, let's have some more fun. I'll keep you posted on my next news tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Learning about Twitter has been a blast today.

I have so much to learn but spent some time getting familiar with each of the tabs and how it all works. I've followed many people and so many more to come. I have made some new contacts and it's such an easy way to see what others are thinking. A way into others lives is through intelligent words.

There are so many interesting websites, i.e. and the new blog a like is

I'll update things as my learning improves.

Check back for some updates soon.


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