Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter tool I found yesterday...

I found a cool Twitter "Follow" Badge that I just put on my blog. You can get your own by going to

I really like it because it offers an easy way that others can just click on the link and join you on twitter.
It was very easy to set up too which I think is very important. I just went to settings and then add gadget then choose HTML code. I added it to the top left of my gadgets and pasted the code, saved the blog and presto it was done.

I also have been researching a few webinars online
The one's I'm looking into are the following... has pay plans and one plan is FREE

Adobe offers - adobe acrobat connect pro cool features for conference calls and webinars.

My other area of interest is finding a good conference call program.
I found a few...

So I'll be spending sometime seeing which one works the best for me and if you have any suggestions feel free to add a comment. When I have some other sites I find I'll make a post of my latest results.

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