Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fitness from The Maximized Living Bible

I have been reading through the bible that I found online at
Daily Devotions

The Bible has articles that are added for review from Dr Greg Loman and other Doctors. I just read one that I wanted to share its called When Your Way isn't God's Way. Your Estimated transit time Leviticus 3:17

Excessive obesity and the extremely high rates of malnutrition and disease among Americans are related less to "how much" food we eat than to "how processed" those foods are. It is the highly processed fast foods, prepared with an abundance of chemicals, additives, and preservatives not even allowed in other parts of the world -- things that make up such high percentage of the calories consumed by Americans -- that cause us such problems.

Outside of America, meals are more often prepared fresh, from scratch, and with natural food, instead of convenience foods out of a box. Convenient, processed foods contain sugar-based and other types of additives that make food impossible to break down adequately. These foods, which aren't really food at all, stay in your system. The longer anything stays in your system, the more problems it will cause.

There is a digestive trait known as the ETT, which stands for the Estimated Transit Time. The longer it takes for food to get in and out of the system, the less healthy the diet is. Food should be eaten, broken down into its basic nutrients, utilized by the body and quickly eliminated. The edible products created by God are high in fiber and water, the two elements necessary for a speedy and successful ETT. Processed, high fat foods, that contain additives make for slow ETT.

reflect: Consider changing your diet to include more foods high in fiber and water.

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