Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finding Websites

So today I learned about several new websites that I thought I would add to my resources to use sometime in the future. I learned about the sites from a free email I received from Ryan Lee. I find it truly amazing how you might not know someone one second and then you get an email from another person introducing you to them and all of sudden you want to learn and enjoy what this new person has to offer.

I've spent a few hours learning how each site works and so I'll add a review of what I find cool.

I just visited my primary companies new website and they have some awesome information and learning tools for distributor support. If you have an interest in amazing Health and wellness send me an email or go directly to and enroll using my ID #77721

A website called is a great website that can be used to outsource creation of free reports booklet and create an interview disk that you can drop ship to your customer. All you have to do is send them a pdf file of your word document and then they fancy it up and upload to them your data you want on the disk and they will create it. Seems like a pretty cool tool.

The next website I learned about but haven't put much evaluation into is this website can offer the ability to have a subscription based program that you can charge customers a monthly subscription and they handle all the back office work. That would be nice perhaps sometime in the future.

The last website I have truly enjoyed is which is much better than in my opinion for now. It was so easy to use to video my screen on my computer, I could save my file to my computer or quickly upload it to youtube. They allowed you to add things to the screencast of your computer and I will be using this tool fairly shortly and post my video sometime this next week. As I was checking out screentoaster on twitter I found they have a sister company called and this is a place you can create a quick video and post it quickly on social media or email it to a friend. I like this as you can watch most recent videos that people have made and I found some really great ones. In fact currently I've been learning from this girl named Karen and she made a short video on something called a Voki. Go there and watch it as I want to make one sometime and post it on the blog. Voki Video

So all in all tonight has been an eventful night with much to do for the future and I'm glad I've spent this time blogging about this so I don't forget these cool sites.
Hope you enjoy them too.

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