Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twitter Friends found Crush It Book

Tonight I was putting in my 5 tweets out and browsed a few tweets and found a great book I'd like to get sometime called Crush It. The website offers a review of Chapter 7 and I was able to enjoy the 10 pages and wanted to read more. I'll be heading to Barnes N Noble tomorrow to see if I can find the book. Again I am amazed at how quick my new found person I've meet I want to learn from. I didn't know Gary Vaynerchuk a few seconds ago but the marketing and knowledge he shared provided me with that trust and interest to begin my learning from him and his book. I love how simple life can truly be if we make it simple!

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chrisatsmartsymbols said...

Gary Vaynerchuk obviously gets it. Engage and increase customer interaction, provide research and give customers an experience to provide the tipping point for customer conversion. Gary obviously put a lot of work into his website and social media campaign, something many authors simply don't have the time for. Fortunately, there is a micro-website version of what Gary has accomplished called SmartSymbols ( see demo page for the example). The book/author example on the demo page aggregates external marketing material (i.e., Twitter, blogs, online communities, etc.), combines it with internal marketing material and organizes it into easy to identify visualizations (pictures). Best yet, SmartSymbols follows the book or author, from retail sites to blog posts.


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