Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Posting Typing Thinking Doing

On a Daily basis my mind must think of a blog full of things to post, type, or do but generally I don't get to putting them on my post.  I should get a mentor that can give me some tips on how they plan their day.  I start out waking up when I want to and then reading my bible and then other inspirational stories for a bit.  I then shoot off some emails and check out twitter.  Make a few RTs and comments and then work on my MonaVie research and development to share the juice.  After that its time to make meals for the kids and myself and entertain them with a few games.  Type some more on the computer and do some more surfing the internet.  Then I have a JOB that I educate people about Healthcare services for Home Health and I get to use my RN title. Nighttime comes and I watch some prerecorded TIVO shows about Cake decorating or family shows.  Finally off to bed.  Jim Rohn says - Plan your day as if it is finalized before your day begins.

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