Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Twitter Tools I Find - Place to chat on a grid and search - Place to check out your past replies - Place to create coupons - Place to search for cool things - Place to track & shorten your urls - Backgrounds for your twitter site - Place to tweet later and send auto responds, also keyword search - Place that ranks your twitter site and you can also search the Elite area for popular people and popular places. - Place to track urls and they have great charts showing recent clickthrus - Place where you can search twitter for certain keywords that people are talking about and then follow them. - Place to share photos with other tweet people. - Rank info and stats - Saves a backup of all your posts and others info to help you track your information. I like it. Very easy to use. - Groups and discussions search tool. - They provide you with a search on keywords to find people of your interest. I searched for fruit and they found 15 other people talking about fruit that I might have an interest in.

I'll be updating this when I find more secrets!


Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

I love and twitpics. Have you seen like twitter with music? I'm working on figuring out !

OurDailyNews said...

I'll go check out Twitpics is a riot how fast the pictures around the world pop up and so interesting to see all the different pictures. I also love that!


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