Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy & Fun with the Kids...

So we completed the weekend festivities and the time change has been nice as the kids are tucked in bed at an earlier time than usual:) Lots of candy for months to come, I wonder how long does candy last?  I just googled it and found that everything should have an expiration date, after a year it's not a good idea to keep it.  I guess I'll keep it around for a little while so the kids can get there fill and then slowly filter it out.  At least I gave them their MonaVie juice so I know they've had something good today.  My husband made a delicious steak dinner tonight with corn on the cob.  Good way to end the evening and we watched Ice Age the latest one, just as good as when we saw it at the theaters.  So I tucked my boys into bed and the eldest was having fun playing with his exotic car in bed.  So fun to see him having fun.  

Tonight  I've been doing some research on car websites as my sons number one area of interest is the exotic cars.  I just checked out a cool website called in Orlando.  We hopefully will take the journey and get them to see all the cool cars this month. 

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