Sunday, February 15, 2009

TipJoy Review

I enjoyed today spending time with the family at the fair and now I'm learning again from those that share on Twitter. I received a DM from

@TwittAbundance Thanks for the follow trackthejuice. The Micro-Course on Micro-Giving is Here! :D ENJOY :D

It was a great download that shared some websites that help with twitter progress and they also introduced me to

TipJoy is similar to Paypal but the essence of sharing and caring is evident. If you like someone or some cause you can send any amount of money to them via their email or website. You can also send money directly to them on twitter. I like the many ideas that were offered in the free download. I joined and will be sending my first donation to charity:water as they are currently doing a fundraiser with tipjoy.

My daughter enjoy the fair and the little kid rides, she met a girl and they instantly grabbed hands. I think if you like something and know it will benefit others we need to be like children and grab each others hands and share the joy of life.

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