Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Favorite Tools on Twitter

Here is a list of the most recent tools I have been using...
www.twitter.com/replies - Place to check out your past replies
http://twtqpon.com/ - Place to create coupons
http://search.twitter.com/ - Place to search for cool things
www.twitbacks.com - Backgrounds for your twitter site
www.tr.im - Place to track urls and they have great charts showing recent clickthrus
www.twollo.com - Place where you can search twitter for certain keywords that people are talking about and then follow them.
www.twitpic.com - Place to share photos with other tweet people.
www.twittercounter.com - Rank info and stats
www.tweetake.com - Saves a backup of all your posts and others info to help you track your information. I like it. Very easy to use.
http://www.tweetworks.com/ - Groups and discussions search tool.
www.twitterel.com - They provide you with a search on keywords to find people of your interest. I searched for fruit and they found 15 other people talking about fruit that I might have an interest in.

www.WishAFriend.com- Cool Backgrounds

I'll be updating this when I find more secrets I'll let you know.


wierdfactor said...

Can you consider adding wishafriend.com/twitter/backgrounds/custom/ to your list. It has many new themes which can be customised with your name and photo.

Our Daily Info said...

Sure, I love background programs.


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