Friday, June 4, 2010

Google Feedburner Review and Setup

So Feedburner moved to Google and I had previously learned about the features but had never actually applied the subscribe to any of my websites.  I like it because it gives you the ability to have others get emails directly with your information from your blog and it has a super easy interface with blogspot.  Anything that makes it easy is for me.  Google has accomplished the epitome of simplicity.  My first thought if I don't know the answer I go to Google.  The key word "Google it!" has become common in my house and I'm sure across the world.

If you want to know the simple steps I took to add the subscribe to my blog than follow the list below...

1.  Go to
2.  Log in with your google account.
3.  Once logged in type your blog url into the burner and click next.
4.  Choose the correct feed source and click next.
5.  Either accept the name it supplies on this next screen or change your name for your feed.
6.  Than Congrats your Feedburner feed is now live.
7.  Move on to step 2 and check out the details about the feed, at this point I just hit next again.
8.  Lastly the feed is ready to be integrated and you can copy the html code to past onto your site.
9.  I like to publish a chicklet to display on my blogs.

I hope this has been helpful and it will eventually help me in the future if I ever forget how I created the Feedburner:)

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